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Tutte le soluzioni Cad Modelling Ergonomics sono ampiamente diffuse e condivise dal mercato, validate da studi e test scientifici e apprezzate dalla stampa di settore:

SOFT FORMAX su JSN International

3 Dicembre 2010
La rivista JSN International, periodico uffciale della industria tessile, ha pubblicato un articolo sul nostro manichino SOFT FORMAX nell'edizione di Novembre 2010.

Fit is crucial both to function and comfort for intimates more than it is for
other garments. Undergarments are wom next to the body and they shape it providing support to parts of it, that’s why they should be more form fitting.
Manufacturers worry about where the garment might be irritating the skin, where there
is too much pressure against the body or - on the other side - not enough support.

They’re working hard to offer their clients more and more comfortable and fitting goods.

Cad Modelling ERGONOMICS offers a new range of anatomical dummies that will completely revolutionize underwear and beachwear fitting: based on average body measurements, SOFT FORMAX® are manufactured in a brand new soft material without articulated joint in the hip. 
Cad Modelling ERGONOMICS engineered this completely new solution that permit to
have the right models at the right time in order to test prototypes’ fit. :pinnable, washable, sqneezable... be-having like real flesh!
Formax® Fit Mannequins are
* morphologically correct, and available in every body shape;
* providable with l to 3 exchangeable cup sizes
* MADE IN ITALY and benefit from our technicians’ and engineers’ highest expertise;
*fully equipped with a moveable trolley and two exchangeable working rods, in order to have an ideal operating height, either as a free-standing way from above or the pending way from below. More than 400 customers and their manufacturers use Formax® for design, quality assurance and fit control of their garments’ collections.

Innovative Testing Tools for CAR SEATS and PRAMS

Cad Modelling ERGONOMICS offers a specific solution to help the technical departments in their testing activities

Following the last European norms especially applied to the safety tests for puericulture`s products, a special model purely dedicated to test ergonomic fur- niture, prams, pushchairs, carrycots and toys
* This range of Formax® is available in any physical shape for Man, Woman and height for Baby/Teenager, with 88° joint articulations
*Active Formax® is balanced with the exact physical weight distribution
* The dummies can be provided with sensors, in order to measure the thermal comfort
* Active Formax® can be personalized on customers’ needs

Super Active Formax® are fully-articulated and anthroponietric dummies reproducing movements and postures of a real human body. These ultimate testing tools for the most performing sportswear are available in each Conformation.
Thanks to our 3D portable body scanner you can also customize them following your target or your sponsored athletes body volumes and

Active and Super ActiveFormax® can be produced in special materials and sensored for workload station and automotive ergonomics analysis, wind and rain tunnel experiments or flammable tests."

Source: printed version of http://www.jsn-intl.com/new-tec.htm

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