The new "slim fit" Body-Shape for man

» Formax® MAN 7: the slim-fit conformation

Thanks to the ongoing researches in the field of anthropometry and the constant update of its database, CAD Modelling has identified a new body shape for men, the FORMAX® MAN 7 SLIM FIT.

Thinner (SLIM FIT) and, on average, taller than FORMAX® MAN  6 and 8, FORMAX® MAN 7 is one of the most frequent conformations in the young population and therefore an important normotype for any pattern-maker and clothing designer.

FORMAX® MAN  7 is the result of the Theory of Body Shapes© of Silvio Quattrocolo (No. 9401846 Copyright © SIAE) and of the anthropometric researches and analysis that are conducted regularly by Cad Modelling Ergonomics to provide solutions to the clothing, textile and ergonomic products industries.

                               FORMAX® MAN 7                                              FORMAX® MAN 7

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