3D body scanner: Body-Scanfit® applications

» Fields of Application

These are few of the several fields of application:

Textile/Apparel: it permits to create and update customers’ anthropometric database, hence their fitting needs, and it provides manufacturers with all the information for made-to-measure and mass customizations.

Corporate wear: the anthropometric classification system allows to save money and time producing garments with the higher comfort safety and fit standard. Body-ScanFit® collects the information to produce garments respecting the exact needs of scanned workers. No matter if they’re located in different places, because the system is portable and easy to set up and use.

Medical issues: the scanning process is completely non intrusive and based on 1M class lasers. In seconds and without a direct contact with the patient it reproduces a virtual 3D avatar that can be used to monitor postures or weight diseases.

Sport: customization of training sessions, body volumes analysis, improvement of motion efficiency

Anthropometry and Ergonomics: Thanks to the extremely fast scanning process and the portability of the body scanner (but also thanks to the chance of scanning people of every age, body shape or race) Body-Scanfit® is a perfect system to be used in anthropometric campaigns.

Design and 3D animations: Body-ScanFit® software gives the chance to obtain files in the most common output formats. The generated data can therefore be imported in most of the measurement extraction and reverse engineering software, CAD, etc.

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