custom-made Formax® mannequins

» Custom Formax®

To meet particular needs, Cad Modelling Ergonomics provides its clients with custom-made Formax® mannequins built on the measurements of a specific size chart or volumes and body shape from body scanning.

Cad Modelling Ergonomics offers in fact the opportunity to scan any real body in just 4 seconds and reproduce its body shape as a Formax®. Body-ScanFit® permits to extract every interesting body measurement or classify the subject into the proper morphological Family to identify the standard Formax® that better suits the client’s needs.

On request, any Formax® can be provided with or without joints in the hips or anatomical head and with standard articulations or in Active version.

Thanks to a highly qualified staff and a market oriented approach, Cad Modelling Ergonomics is able to provide in short time custom-made products that meet clients’ needs.

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