The new body shapes for women: FORMAX WOMAN 5, 7, 9

» The new body shapes for women: FORMAX® 5, 7, 9

Thanks to the constant update of its anthropometric databases, CAD Modelling Ergonomics has identified new female body shapes that integrate those already classified by the Theory of Body Shapes© of Silvio Quattrocolo: FORMAX® WOMAN 5, 7, 9.

These body shapes are very recurrent in the female population worldwide, with characteristic body forms and volumes and are therefore a starting point for every producer who wants to maximize its sales thanks to the better fit and comfort which is thus guaranteed.

    FORMAX® WOMAN 5                          FORMAX® WOMAN 7                FORMAX® WOMAN 9

FORMAX® WOMAN 5, 7, 9 is available with both fixed and articulated hips (Fig. on the right: Woman FORMAX® 7, articulated hips) for test of the fitting of technical clothing/sportswear and ergonomic products.

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